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Pause & Play - Taxi Fabric Workshop

Taxi Fabric is an intiative that brings artists and the Taxis and Rickshaws of Mumbai and Delhi together through the medium of their fabric. TF hosted a workshop around a single theme of ‘Water - the Elixir of Life’. 32 Designers selected from around India, worked together to create a collaborative design over 2 days in teams of 8. I had the opportunity to work with 7 other designers/artists under the guidance of Pragun Agarwal, a Graphic Designer from New Delhi.

Our taxi was titled ‘Pause and Play’ so as to nudge the viewer/occupant to stop and think of how we as humans have affected water as a resource in a negative way. But at the same time also exhibit the true potential of water, untouched, unfettered, in all its glory. The intention was to create a stark contrast - one, dull, where life is very mechanical and cold, comprising only man-made objects and the other, in blue, thriving with life.

All of us with a common flair and love for lettering and type, unanimously decided that we should have a more illustrative outcome. Below are some of the rough sketches I created with ink and brush.

Design Fabric & Asian Paints Colour Next 2017 came together to present the 'Taxi Fabric Workshop' in Mumbai on the 30th of March, 2017 - an evening exhibit displaying 4 Taxis. Each team’s taxi had its own unique flavour, personality and concept.

Photographs provided by Taxi Fabric. You can read more about the workshop, our design and process here.